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Still trying to figure out what’s the best material choice for your outdoor pavements? Choose one that is economical, durable, and recyclable. Opt for asphalt paving. Asphalt gives you the most long-term value as a commercial or residential surfacing material. It’s the best material choice you got in terms of beauty, value, and longevity. Work with our licensed and certified construction company today and get to see the amazing results we can deliver in asphalt paving. To hear more relevant details about our service terms and conditions, please continue reading on this page.

Professional Asphalt Paving Flemington NJ


Do an asphalt paving installation on your outer walls or around your swimming pool area. This way, you rest assured that these areas remain protected for a long time. When choosing a construction company to hire, deal with no other than us at EMC Paving LLC. With a total on-hand professional experience of 18 years, you rest assured that we can always deliver excellent results every time. We are originally based and located in Flemington, NJ. I


f you live near the area, don’t waste the opportunity of working with our highly capable professionals.

Sign-up with us at EMC Paving LLC today. And let us start the first step by getting familiar with your preferences in style, pattern, and design. Our paving contractor is highly skilled and experienced and has an eye for details. Nothing could possibly go wrong if you hire us to work on your asphalt paving project at your residential or commercial property. Book a service with us right away.

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To consult with our professional yet friendly construction team today, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (732) 945-8634. We are locally operating in Flemington, NJ but also extend our services to clients in the neighboring areas. Be the first to book our service for the month. Make the right choice and hire us now!

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